Setting writing goals for 2009

I'm over at Seekerville talking about how writers can set goals for 2009 to challenge themselves to write faster and/or more efficiently.

Camy here, talking about Writing Goals for 2009!

Pam Hillman recently shared her writing goals with us, and I was totally impressed how she broke things down into quarters.

What that mostly did was to help her target herself in terms of writing efficiency. She challenged herself to write a certain amount—or at a certain speed—by a certain date.

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  1. I actually have a pad of paper by my computer and write down my word count on each project every day so that I can see the progress. I think it's a great to have goals.

    Excellent topic and great post!

  2. I've been writing down my word count, too! It has been very helpful to know how efficient I've been that day, and if maybe I should spend a few more minutes to increase my word count.

  3. I really appreciate how you balance your blog posts with your posts on other sites--the other sites always turn out to be great resources, too! And the model you provide is a good one to emulate.

    So, thanks for all the good info and the modeling of effective writing behaviors.

  4. Hi Camy,
    I bet you're really busy but I just wanted to let you know that I gave this blog an award. :-)


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