Writing despite myself

I'm blogging at Seekerville today about writing despite my own lack of motivation, whether from depression, stress, or distractions.

Camy here, talking about the one thing I struggle against the most when it comes to writing—myself.

I don’t like it, but I am a very emotional writer. Meaning, my writing motivation is often fed by my feelings.

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  1. If you weren't sensitive, you probably wouldn't be the amazing writer you are. You can truly empathize with your heroes/heroines because you've been there.

    That being said, you still have to get through the blah, the please-let-me-throw-the-covers-over-my-head, the there-isn't-enough-chocolate-in-the-world times.

    I go through it too. One thing that helps me is to recognize what I'm going through is temporary. The other thing is to be as kind as I can to myself. This is the time to rent that movie I've wanted to see for two years. It's the time to go all out and buy the big box of chocolate--and no--I'm not sharing!

    I take a walk, even if it's on the treadmill, and get out the journal. I'm amazed at how ridiculous and whiney I am in a journal! But that's the purpose, right?

    Don't worry. You'll get through it. I have no idea when, but at some point you'll wake up and feel great again!

    Thanks for all of the inspiration in this blog--it has helped me tremendously!
    Jill Kemerer

  2. Thanks, Jill!

    You bring up a good idea--journalling is a terrific tool for when writers get the blahs. I used to write pages when I was depressed, and it really did seem to help.



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