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Wanna Be Published blog

A Place for Writers Seeking Publication Who : For anyone on the journey toward publication who needs some direction, practical tips, and wisdom from professionals who have been there. What : An online place full of practical, hands-on tips for writers seeking publication. Where : http://www.wannabepublished . The blog is called " So You Want To Be Published " When : Anytime your fancy strikes you . Why: To bypass years of trying to figure out the bookselling industry, the writing world, or the tangled web of getting published . Get wise advice in one easy place. How: Nonfiction and fiction author Mary DeMuth (author of five books with four on the way) remembers what it's like to be wide-eyed and naïve about publishing. She's passionate about helping new writers, but since her writing and speaking schedule is filling up, she's decided to funnel her

A Hero in Three Pages

I'm blogging about writing heroes over at the Seekerville blog today: A Hero in Three Pages

Writers and worry

DiAnn Mills recently asked me this question in an interview: What are the most challenging problems for writers? For most writers, the writing is easy—most writers can’t NOT write. But a lot of writers worry about if they’ll get published or if God wants them to be published and when. I had the same fears before being contracted, and I still have the same fears now that my last contract has ended. The difference for me was that I’d already laid down my writing because God told me to, and He’d clearly given me permission to take it up again, so I knew for a fact that writing was what God wanted me to do. I think writers need to CONSTANTLY examine themselves in prayer and with an open Bible. If God asked you to, would you be willing to give up your writing? Would you be like Abraham, willing to trust God enough to sacrifice Isaac? Your answer says a lot about your attitude about your writing—do you consider your writing yours or God’s? If our writing is God’s, then we trust Him even if w

A New Year’s Writing Challenge

Happy New Year! I was racking my brain to figure out something pithy and witty to say for my post, but my friend Tina Russo solved the problem with THREE writing contests: The 2008 Challenge Even if you’re only thinking about writing a novel, here’s your incentive to start!