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What the Story Sensei is about

Update December 2014: Because of several writing contracts, I've decided to step back from doing critiques and coaching for 2015 in order to save my injured wrist and my health for my books. If you'd like recommendations of other freelance editors who can critique your work sooner, I can suggest: Fiction Fix-It Shop ( ) Moonshell Books and Editorial, Shelley Bates ( ) Cheryl Wyatt ( ) Just email them through their websites and let them know that Camy suggested you contact them about critiquing. Worksheets: 10/2014: Update: I am in the process of updating and formatting these worksheets to have them available on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks! If you bought them before and would like the updated versions, please email me at with the email address you used when you bought the worksheet (so I can find your order) and I will be happy to send you instructions