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Improve productivity and motivation by gamifying the writing

I started using the website this month. Originally I had been searching online for a website to help make my writing sprints a little more fun , and found this website. I had actually signed up for it last year, but ultimately decided at the time that I wasn't interested in it. But now, the whole concept of writing in order to "defeat" monsters within a certain time limit was really appealing to me. I only discovered late last year that I love fantasy role playing games, and this is just like that. I’m not sure why, but I really love doing the quests in the game and figuring out how to fulfill the different quests and craft different weapons and armor! I’ve basically been doing lots of sprints throughout the day and the words kept piling up. As a result, it has increased my writing productivity , and unless I have errands to run or I've been hit by health issues, I've been able to get about 3000 words written every day, and some days even more

Camy's Writing Diary: Day 28 Evaluation

I’m really glad I started my daily writing blog. I’ve picked up on a lot of my habits (both good and bad) and my tendency toward distraction has become more obvious to me. I also figured out some tactics that seem to work best for me to improve my writing productivity—I think I’ve figured out (at least a little bit) how I’ve been able to improve my writing consistency, the number of hours I’m able to focus on my writing, and how I’m able to be more efficient at my writing tasks. If you’d like to read it, the Day 28 evaluation is here . Please also be aware, since I’m a full-time writer AND a plotter, the tactics I came up with may not be helpful for every writer.

Camy's Writing Diary

I was re-reading Write Better, Faster: How To Triple Your Writing Speed and Write More Every Day , and I realized that while I’ve tried the other techniques in the book, I never actually did a writer’s diary. She gives good reasons why it’s important, but I just never got around to doing it when I was setting up my spreadsheet to track my writing statistics. I think it will be good to do this diary because it will be raw data for me—a record of exactly what I did each day for my writing. A review of each day will enable me to record any insights I might discover about my writing habits. With that collection of raw data in my diary, I’ll be able to see larger-scale trends in my writer’s process so that I can adjust and correct as needed, and hopefully improve my productivity. But I thought that my normal Story Sensei blog readers might be annoyed at daily entries with minute detail of my day, so I repurposed one other Blogger blog I had lying around and made it Camy’s Writing Diary