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Monday, August 20, 2012

New one-on-one email coaching services

My wrists are feeling pretty good, so I'm going to be open to scheduling some one-on-one email coaching services. However, because of book deadlines, I won't be able to start any coaching until October.

If you know you want to take some coaching from me and you're okay starting later this year, let me know so I can schedule you.

In addition to Synopsis one-on-one coaching ($35) and Characterization one-on-one coaching ($35), I am also adding Deep Point of View one-on-one email coaching for $45 and Self-Editing one-on-one email coaching for $45.

All my one-on-one coaching lasts four weeks, which gives you a bit more time to get in your homework for the lessons and revise them and resubmit them for additional feedback if you desire.

The structure of my one-on-one coaching is the same as my worksheets, but with the addition of my personalized feedback on your specific manuscript. Only one manuscript/character per coaching session, please.

Again, I will not be scheduling any coaching until October, and if I fill up my slots, I might need to schedule you out even further. However, we can communicate about what works well for both our schedules.

Each coaching session is 28 days (4 weeks). You can work at your own pace and turn in the exercises/homework at your leisure. However, once the 28 days is ended, I cannot give any more feedback on your homework. The 28-day coaching service can start on any day of your choosing.

Click the links below for more information on my one-on-one email coaching services:

One-on-One Self-Editing Coaching ($45)
One-on-One Deep Point of View Coaching ($45)
One-on-One Synopsis Coaching ($35)
One-on-One Characterization Coaching ($35)

New!! Self-Editing worksheet and price drop on Characterization and Deep POV worksheets


After Katie commented on my author blog about my Self-Editing class, I realized that I could just offer a self-editing worksheet for those of you who wanted to take my online class but couldn't because of timing or cost. So here it is!

Self-Editing Worksheet

You've finished your novel! How do you make sure you have a good character arc, strong story structure, good pacing? How can you smooth over rough writing patches, eliminate episodic writing, or increase emotional intensity? My Self-Editing worksheet combines a variety of techniques that I have taught in online workshops into one place, with tips to help you refine and polish your manuscript.

By the end of the worksheet you'll have:

1) A good large-scale view of your story structure and character arc, and knowledge about how to fix any problems in that area

2) Tips for how to revise more emotion into your writing

3) Tools for solving pacing issues

4) A deeper look at technical writing errors to look for in your writing

5) An understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses in terms of critiquing yourself

This 69-page worksheet consists of lessons, homework, and fun exercises for you to do various types of self-editing on your manuscript. You’ll learn lots of simple techniques to help you revise and tighten your manuscript to be the best it can be.

Note: If you've bought my Deep Point of View worksheet, there are some of those Deep POV tips here in this worksheet. However, the Deep POV worksheet goes into more detail and depth whereas the Deep POV tips in this worksheet are not as extensive. If you're on the fence about if you should get the Self-Editing worksheet or the Deep POV worksheet, the Self-Editing worksheet includes about 60% of what's in the Deep POV worksheet as well as my other self-editing lessons.

Update: I forgot to mention that if you've already bought my Characterization worksheet, this Self-Editing worksheet has the majority of what's in that worksheet, in addition to other self-editing lessons and tips. So basically, if you've already bought both my Deep POV and Characterization worksheets, this Self-Editing worksheet will have a lot of the same stuff.

If you've taken (or are currently taking) my Self-Editing online class, no need to get this worksheet--it includes all the lessons from class. The only difference is that the class includes my specific feedback on your manuscript.

Click here to buy my Self-Editing worksheet for $20


In honor of my brand spankin' new Self-Editing worksheet, I have dropped the prices of my Characterization and Deep Point of View worksheets from $15 each to $10 each. So if you were wavering about if you want to get them or not, now's the time!

Click here to buy my Characterization worksheet for $10

Click here to buy my Deep Point of View worksheet for $10
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