Proposals—marketing plan

Don’t list things like “willing to appear on Oprah”—well, duh. Plus so few authors actually make it on Oprah, period.

Be specific about what you personally can do. What groups do you belong to, and what can you realistically do to use your connections to promote your book?

For example: Do you work in a school and can you influence the librarian or other schools’ libraries to carry your book? Do you belong to any national organizations and can you give workshops on your book topic at your local chapter? Do you have an active blog or website and can you utilize that to spread the word on the internet?


  1. Another thing I've learned recently from a friend. When the publisher asks about the audience and market for your book, they are hoping you already have an audience.

    At least blogs make that theoretically possible for those of us who aren't on the speaking circuit!


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