What clients are saying about the Story Sensei critique service

Camy and I worked together on a series of synopses and I found her ability to pinpoint the heart of the story incredibly helpful. Once I had that, plot holes were easy to fill in and my characters' journeys became more fulfilling--both to write and to read. Thank you, Camy!

--Shelley Bates, author of RITA Award winner Grounds to Believe (Steeple Hill 2005), and Over Her Head (FaithWords 2007)

In today's writing industry, grabbing an agent's or editor's immediate interest is a must--it can mean the difference between a request for a full manuscript and a form rejection letter. As agents and editors have limited time, a winning synopsis can make them dive into your sample chapters with interest. Camy Tang is a master synopsis sensei--highlighting where to pull out the vital information and showing you where to tighten and enhance your structural plot in order to make your synopsis sing. I highly recommend the Story Sensei to anyone who wants their synopsis to best display their story, writing style, and garner an agent's or editor's attention. I wouldn't submit a synopsis without Camy's insight and critique!

--Robin Caroll, author of Bayou Justice (Steeple Hill, 2007)

Camy's critique of my query letter was so excellent and thorough that she was able to identify potential problems in my story. She went on to offer solutions, examples, and resources that would benefit my writing beyond the query letter. I'm glad I didn't send it out without Camy's feedback!

--Georgiana Daniels, author of Table for One (The Wild Rose Press, 2008)

As a novelist, freelance editor, and contest judge, I have particularly high standards for critiques and useful feedback. Camy is one of the few critiquers that I know I can rely on to provide balanced, constructive comments on my work. She is especially good at the high-level, structural analysis required to refine synopses, which results in a tighter, better focused story structure. Any writer will benefit from her insightful comments.

--Meredith Efken, author of SAHM I Am (Steeple Hill, 2005)

Camy Tang has a true gift for pinpointing the essence of a story and then examining the strengths and weaknesses in its structure. She understands what the story lacks and offers workable solutions that preserve that essence. With her insight, warmth, professionalism, and reasonable rates, I highly recommend Camy and the Story Sensei.

--Marilyn Hilton, author of The Christian Girl's Guide to Your Mom (Legacy Press, 2004) and It's All About Dad and Me (Pleasant Word, 2005)

I value Camy's critiques, because she has a gift at honing in on big-picture issues to improve. She has an instinct for tone, and radar for any areas weak in conflict or tension.

--Sharon Hinck, author of The Secret Life of Becky Miller (Bethany House, 2006) and The Restorer (Marcher Lord Press, 2011)

I have taken Camy's synopsis workshop and her self-editing workshop. I am very pleased with both of them. I sometimes wonder if I would ever have been published without them.

--Jean Kinsey, author of The Lightkeeper's Daughter (Desert Breeze, 2012)

For a reasonable price, Camy Tang provides a backstage pass to the Christian publishing industry. I credit Camy with helping me get that first contract. With two books sold, I still count on Camy to tweak proposals and those crucial first chapters. I believe Camy’s tutelage helped take years off the learning/waiting process on my road to publication.

--Patti Lacy, author of The Irishwoman: A Novel (Kregel, 2008) and Reclaiming Lily (Bethany House, 2011)

Camy Tang performed a line edit of the first chapter of a new manuscript. I sent it to her expecting the writing and idea to be torn apart. Instead, it was a great blend of encouragement with concrete tips and ways to knock my writing up a notch. So if you've been thinking about submitting to the Story Sensei, I encourage you to do so. I know I will.

--Cara Putman, author of Canteen Dreams (Heartsong Presents, 2007)

I highly recommend Camy's critiquing service to anyone who really needs help with a floundering manuscript or perhaps just needs another pair of experienced eyes to look over their writing. As a member of a small San Jose author's group, I've had the privilege of meeting Camy personally and have had several of my chapters critiqued by her. She has a rare talent for picking out flaws in logic, plot flow, conflict, tension, characterization, goals, and scene structure. I have not only found her critiques extremely valuable, but she's a really great person to work with!

--MaryLu Tyndall, author of The Redemption (Barbour Publishing, 2006) and The Restitution (Barbour Publishing, 2007)

Camy Tang is the best structural editor I've ever met. She has an incredible ability to help authors hone not only their story, but their synopses, their story blurbs, etc. Camy helped me with my pitch for a writer's conference which garnered an editor request which eventually led to my first sale. Story Sensei is affordable and well worth the money. Even as a soon-to-be published author, I won't send anything to my editor without having Camy's hawk eyes peruse it first. She has an incredibly accurate radar for plot holes, and judging if a story has sufficient character issues as far as their Goals, Motivation, Conflict that will not only sustain a plot, but make for a salable manuscript in today's competitive market. Editors really DO look for these things in a story, and I'm SO glad I ran my stuff through Camy before submitting. It marked the end of my rejection season for sure. I believe Story Sensei is an excellent investment for both pubbed and unpubbed authors. What you learn from Camy will improve your stories from now on.

--Cheryl Wyatt, author of A Soldier's Promise (Steeple Hill, 2008)

Camy Tang offers keen insight into cutting the fluff, adding emotion, layering characters and polishing a manuscript until it sings. As a new writer, it's so encouraging to see your work come together after someone as experienced as Camy has touched it. And, her advice, suggestions and corrections are always offered with such a caring spirit! Thanks, Camy, for the sweet “a-ha” moment that follows your editing!

--Angie Arndt, ACFW member

Dear Camy,
I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your insight and assistance. The questions you asked me helped improve the motivation for my characters and the entire project begin to meld. You are uplifting and fun to work with as well as full of writing wisdom. Also, you're so quick! Thank you again for being my Story Sensei.

--Angie Breidenbach, ACFW member

Camy is one of the best critiquers I've ever worked with and offered great insight into my writing. I highly recommend her Story Sensei service to new and experienced writers alike.

--Linda Fulkerson, author of The Prodigal Daughter: Hope for Runaway Christians and Those Who Await Their Return

Camy has a rare gift of being able to see the logical parts of a story and tell if those elements are working in your WIP or not. She is the best at structure and plot. If you truly want to see what is wrong with your story and want to get editors interested, send your synopsis to her. She helped me get my plot in order and eliminated a sagging middle by helping me make sure the conflict was enough to carry the story through to the end. I simply can't praise her enough.

--Pamela James, 2005 ACFW Noble Theme contest Finalist

Camy did a great critique for me a couple weeks back. Very quick response, very detailed comments and suggestions and she basically hit all the things that my little voice was hinting at beforehand. Camy, thanks for clearly pointing out my story's weaknesses with sound advice. I've charged through, took what I previously felt was good stuff, and hit it with a jackhammer. I can see the improvements though demolition was not enjoyable. The smoke is clearing!

--Debra E. Marvin, ACFW member

Taking those first three chapters from good to great is vital. Camy looked at the first three of my WIP and suggested I rearrange some of the scenes to truly bring out the suspense elements. Now I have three chapters I feel confident about thanks to her insightful input.

--Dineen A. Miller, 2005 ACFW Noble Theme contest Finalist

I took Camy Tang’s Self-Editing class not knowing what to expect. What I received was a comprehensive, challenging course with personalized input how I could improve my manuscripts. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to become more adept at editing their work. I felt both encouraged and prodded to refine and sharpen my manuscripts.

Camy teaches with a fun, informative style, using many examples and listing an abundance of resources. It’s clear she roots for everyone in the class to improve their writing. I’m indebted to her for providing key and applicable lessons that benefit me as I work to strengthen my editing skills.

--Wendy Miller

Camy Tang has a rare talent—she is both successful writer and inspiring teacher. When I first asked Camy to read over my manuscript, I really wasn't sure what to expect. I have read a lot of books from various authors and studied books on writing. When I received my critique from Camy, I was floored. It almost felt like the little girl peeking behind the curtain at the wizard. Camy opened my eyes to so many principles of writing I have never been exposed to, and she makes it look so easy. She takes the mystery out of putting together a marketable story, and she shows you with articles, advice and encouragement how you can make your manuscript even better. I will be forever grateful to Camy for what she has taught me. It's one thing to be a successful writer and enjoy all the rewards. It's quite another thing to teach a handful of dreamers how to achieve that same success.

--Merry Muhsman

Camy Tang operates as an effective manuscript doctor, not an author's executioner. While she possesses a laser-like ability to diagnose any diseases in the bones of a synopsis or manuscript, Camy's chief concern is to recommend remedies that will result in a healthy, vital book. A fun, relaxed personality, she helped make our 2005 ACFW Fiction Clinic more like a writing club than a treatment center. If your chapters are ailing, call Dr. Tang!

--Rachael Phillips, winner of the 2004 Erma Bombeck Global Humor Award, ACFW member

Camy Tang's blend of crisp insight and creamy understanding makes her structural critiques not only a delight to devour, but literarily nutritious, too. She has a chef's gift for sensing when to add more seasonings and when to cut back; when to stir and when to shake; how long a scene can simmer before it forms an unsightly skin; and how to ensure that our writing doesn't hit the plate raw or overcooked. My compliments to the chef!

She dipped her critiquing spoon into my sample pages and noted that it was weak in external conflict for the hero of my story. The taste of tension was muted, not well defined and distinct. Although she approved of the pacing, she pointed out several spots where simple changes in sentence structure made it more palatable. Camy's heightened senses in regard to structural elements like story arc, character uniqueness and believability, hooks, point of view, rhythm, goals, and conflicts make me want to seek her out frequently to say, "Here. Would you taste this? What's it missing?"

--Cynthia Ruchti, writer/producer of The Heartbeat of the Home radio ministry

Camy Tang's critique of my manuscript was right on the money. I chose her critique services because her pathway to publication and education fit with the steps I was taking. Her insightful comments are in line with today's commercial writing techniques, and I found her suggestions to be practical, straightforward, and exactly what I needed to hear. Would I use Camy's services again? You bet. Would I recommend them to others? If a person is serious about improving her craft, then by all means, yes.

--Lynn Squire, writer/editor of Faith , Fiction, Fun, and Fanciful Newsletter

I for one wouldn't dare send anything to an agent or editor without first sending it to Camy Tang. She has a special talent for being able to look logically at a synopsis and know what's wrong with it. I know when I send something to her; she is going to be tough and thorough and I'll be able to send in a proposal that will create interest.

--Heather Diane Tipton, writer and Virtual Assistant, ACFW member

After I finished my first book last May, I rushed to send out query letters without having anyone besides my family look them over. Every letter came back with a big fat REJECTION. So, I wrote another book. I had Camy look over my synopsis twice and she also read my first twenty five pages. I have no doubt that it made all the difference. I've already had two agents express interest in my manuscript. Camy's the best.

--Rachel Trautmiller, ACFW member


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  3. I'm still relatively new to fiction writing and your posts on writing are quite helpful.I'm looking forward to using your critique service in the near future.


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