Picking an agent #2—Do you like them?

This might seem like a dumb question, but think about it—here is your chance to choose who you get to work with. You want someone you get along with and who has the same work ethic as you do. You won’t necessarily be buddies, but you want to at least be happy to talk to them.

That’s why it’s good to research the agents you query. Read online interviews or buy CDs from conferences of workshops the agent gave, or agent panels the agent was on.

If you can afford it, go to conferences to meet them and talk to them. They don’t bite. Just get to know them, even if you don’t have anything to pitch to them.

You will get a good feel for who you’d like to work for, and which agent has the same types of goals you do in terms of career.


  1. I have to agree with this. Assuming that I someday need an agent, I know the two I will seek out and it is because I like THEM. And man, are they supportive of the chick across the desk (who is incidentally in tears) even when it benefits them not.

    And my word verification made me type "duh." I am loving that!


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