Fictioon 101 and 201 sale

I just got this message from my friend Randy Ingermanson. If you're an auditory learner, this is a fabulous writing series and a great deal:

Today, September 27, 2007, I am running a rare event:
a 24-Hour Special on my two top-selling products,
Fiction 101 and Fiction 201.

These are my flagship products. I've taught these courses
at writing conferences across the country.

Last year, I created them as software products that run
in any web browser. They let you SEE my notes and
HEAR me lecture.

Fiction 101 and Fiction 201 are available on CD or as large
electronic downloads.

The reason for this 24-Hour Special is to celebrate freedom.

Recently, I've outsourced the CD distribution to
That means FREEDOM for me from the drudgery of packing CDs
in envelopes and mailing them off. It saves me MONEY, which I
can pass on to my customers in lower prices. I have already cut
the price of the CDs by about 20%.

To celebrate that FREEDOM, I'm slashing the price of a CD by
ANOTHER 50%. Just for today, September 27, 2007.

I rarely run a 24-Hour Special, but when I do, hundreds of
people typically take advantage.

Many of you already have Fiction 101 or Fiction 201 or both.

If you don't have one of these and you want it,
TODAY is your chance.

To learn more about the 24-Hour Special on Fiction 101
or Fiction 201, click here:

Best regards,
Randy Ingermanson

Randy Ingermanson
President and CEO of Ingermanson Communications, Inc.
2210 W. Main St., Suite 107, Box 103
Battle Ground, WA 98604