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Who: For anyone on the journey toward publication who needs some direction, practical tips, and wisdom from professionals who have been there.

What: An online place full of practical, hands-on tips for writers seeking publication.

Where:http://www.wannabepublished.blogspot.com. The blog is called "So You Want To Be Published"

When: Anytime your fancy strikes you.

Why: To bypass years of trying to figure out the bookselling industry, the writing world, or the tangled web of getting published. Get wise advice in one easy place.

How: Nonfiction and fiction author Mary DeMuth (author of five books with four on the way) remembers what it's like to be wide-eyed and naïve about publishing. She's passionate about helping new writers, but since her writing and speaking schedule is filling up, she's decided to funnel her help into a user-friendly blog. This week's entries include:

  • A listing of upcoming writers conferences with links.
  • How to Get Published in 2008
  • Mary's letter to new writers, complete with links to other helpful books and sites.
  • A helpful formula for writing: Grace + Grit
  • A 27-point checklist to see if you're ready to look for an agent
  • 10 Common Writing Mistakes
  • 2 Ways to jumpstart your writing

Other features include:

  • A listing of helpful websites
  • A listing of excellent writing books
  • Links to writing magazines
  • A poll asking "What scares you the most about publishing?"

And now, an offer:

I'm going to be giving away three of my nonfiction proposal tutorials ($10 value) to folks who comment on the first post on the blog: 2 Ways to Jumpstart Your Writing.

Here's a blurb about it:

Nonfiction Book Proposals that Grab an Editor or an Agent by the throat (in a good way) Have you been languishing in the frustrating land of nonfiction proposals? Don't know where to go next? In this fifty-page tutorial, Mary walks you through two proposals and empowers you to write one that sells.

Hear what industry professionals have to say about this product:

"Mary knows how to write a proposal that gets an editor's attention: well-organized, persuasive, and with the information I need to make a decision."

Terry Glaspey

Director of Acquisitions and Development

Harvest House Publishers

"As a literary agent, I see a lot of proposals. Mary's are top-notch-comprehensive, thoughtful, well-written, and professional. I'm proud to send them to the best publishers in the business."

Beth Jusino,
Literary Agent
Alive Communications

"Mary's proposals include the straightforward facts that publishers need with a personable style that publishers want. Great research, great voice, great proposal. Mary does an excellent job selling herself without seeming to sell herself."

Andy Meisenheimer,
Acquisitions Editor

"I first met Mary DeMuth when she was a student in one of my sessions at a writers' conference. She stood head and shoulders above the others at the conference because of one particular skill: Mary had an amazing ability to create strong, complete, and eye-catching proposals. Listen to what she has to say-she is as good as anyone in the business at crafting book proposals."

Chip MacGregory
Literary Agent
MacGregor Literary

"Mary's book proposals reflect her intelligence, wit, and charm, as well as her high level of craftsmanship as a writer. And just as important, her concepts are fresh. She has no interest in covering the same ground that has been plowed already by other authors. That's important to a book editor who is glassy-eyed from reading stacks of proposals."

Ron Lee,
Senior Editor
WaterBrook Press

Mary DeMuth
P.O. Box 1503
Rockwall, Texas 75087


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