Not for the faint of heart

Mary Connealy and I did a tag-team set of blog posts over at the Seekerville blog about book reviews being like contest judging:

It never ends

Okay Students, Let's REVIEW

This isn't a pep talk, just to warn you. It's more like a reality check. We're not complaining about reviews, but we are trying to get writers to understand that it's not all 5-star fun and games once you're published, and that your weirdo contest judge comments might actually be useful one day when your book is on a bookstore shelf.


  1. Camy, this was so good, and so was the Seekerville post.

    I'm not an author yet, and I'm not trying very hard to be one until this school semester ends.

    It didn't dawn on me until recently that authors actually read Amazon reviews.

    I've only written 3 Amazon book reviews (since wow, it takes time to read books and review them when you're supposed to be studying), and I was so awed when one of the authors actually noticed.

    I'm thinking carefully now, though. My words could haunt or help me.

    Be blessed!

  2. Thanks for the reality check! When you're on the "pre" side of published, it's easy to imagine that once one gets THE CALL that all worries fade away, pounds melt off, children straighten up and fly right, hubbys get even better romantically, and one's words will be immortalized forever with no less than a Pulitizer Prize, if not a good book review.

    Well, I can dream, can't I?

  3. Hi, Patricia. I'm Nedra in VA. We haven't met, though I noticed you on Marilynn Griffith's blog, and I visited Readin 'n Writin' last week.

    You're funny! Dreams are gifts and Proverbs 13:12 is there for a reason, if I'm not using it out of context as I sometimes tend to do.

    Be blessed!

  4. Hey, there, kiddo, I just finished ONLY UNI. I am so in love with your writing. Fast and funny and with such a great heart. I fell in love with Trish and Spencer. Keep 'em coming.


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