An organizational tool: batch processing

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I really liked this blog post by ProBlogger about how he uses a techy “batch processing” concept to organize his day and be more efficient. I think this can really apply to writers because we deal with similar things—writing our manuscripts, checking emails, keeping up with email loops, blogging (some of us), reading writing books and/or articles (something each writer should be doing on a regular basis), listening to writing MP3 workshops (if you can afford it). Check out the article and let me know what you think:

How Batch Processing Made Me 10 Times More Productive


  1. I've been trying out this process for my blogs. Sitting down at one time to write future blog posts does help with keeping regular posting. If you have the "schedule post" feature on your blog - USE it! :)

    I also track and keep up with the post people really commented on or visited. This helps me form the next topic.


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