Writing quote: Bill Hull

This is a good quote for me as a writer, and I hope it inspires you, too!

What a great day it was when I finally came clean with God. My expectations had been wrong. I wanted a great ministry for me. There would be enough glory for God to have some too, of course, but I really wanted it for me. Then I was able to confess it as sin, repent, and turn away from good goals for wrong reasons.

I found simply imitating Jesus and leaving the results to God to be the scriptural approach. If God thought my contribution significant, He would arrange a wider hearing. It was not my business to be concerned about it. With this new outlook, obscurity was no threat, and fame no temptation. My reality was better, the anxiety space was closed, and my anxiety receded.

--Anxious for Nothing by Bill Hull (thanks to Cynthia Ruchti for this quote!)


  1. Wonderful quote! I've been there, too. It's easier to just let God handle it all, isn't it?


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