Interview on blog tours

I'm being interviewed on the He Said She Said blog about blog tours. This will be informative for any of you who are wondering about blog marketing, especially for fiction.

Some of you may not even want to think about marketing right now in your writing journey, but for those of you who are published or agented, this will help you formulate your marketing plan.
1. How did you first learn about blog tours?

I don’t quite remember. At the time, they were still very new, so I know that when I started planning my first blog tour for Sushi for One, it made a hit because a lot of people hadn’t heard of a blog tour before, or they’d only seen small ones, or ones with just book blurbs—not original content.

2. Which of your books have you taken on a blog tour?

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  1. Great info- I never really got how a blog tour works. Thanks!


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