I'm teaching at the ACFW conference!

Hey guys,
My workshop "The Hero and Heroine's Journeys" just got accepted for the American Christian Fiction Writers conference this year! I'll be teaching on--duh--the Hero and Heroine's Journeys.

If you've never used the Heroine's Journey, especially, and you have a female main protagonist, this will be a good workshop for you for characterization.

The ACFW Conference is in Denver, Colorado this year, from September 17th through the 20th. Information is on the ACFW website.

Registration hasn't opened yet, and only ACFW members can attend the conference (but it's only $50 membership fee for the first year to join ACFW, and believe me, it's totally worth it to join! I talk about ACFW here. If you have questions about ACFW, just leave a question in the comments.)

They'll announce when registration is open for the conference on the ACFW members email loop.

So anyway, I hope you (a) join ACFW and (b) take my workshop in Denver this year!


  1. that's great! i've read your articles on the same subject...so hopefully i'll get to take your workshop, as well! congrats. :)

  2. I'm soooo excited for the conference and this just intrigues me and makes me MORE excited! WOO HOO and congrats!

  3. I can't wait for the conference! Congrats on getting to teach! Your class sounds very intriguing!

  4. Great news, Camy! Sounds like a really interesting subject!


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