80% discount on Snowflake Pro

From Camy: I just saw this program being used today by a friend of mine, and I can tell you it's fantastic. Very easy to use and intuitive. If you have problems:

--writing a synopsis
--structuring your novel
--pacing your plot or character arc

then this program will help you with that.

From Randy Ingermanson:

Final Reminder: 80% discount on "Snowflake Pro" ends soon

To Readers of my Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine:

Just a quick reminder that my 80 percent discount on
"Snowflake Pro" ends soon.

As I write this, about 24 hours remain before I'll end
this special. (It ends on Friday night at midnight,
California time.)

Snowflake Pro is software to make my Snowflake method
faster, easier, and more fun. In the last few days, a
very large number of you, my loyal e-zine readers, have
taken advantage of this one-time special offer to get
Snowflake Pro.

Thanks to all of you who've already e-mailed me to tell
me how much you like it.

This note is just a reminder to those of you who haven't
yet grabbed your copy.

Snowflake Pro is an electronic download which takes
less than 30 seconds to download on most cable modems
or DSL lines. It runs on Macs, Windows, and Linux.

I won't belabor this. If you want Snowflake Pro, you
probably already know it. You can read all the details


PS: One final point. When you buy Snowflake Pro, you
get free upgrades for life. I'm already making a list
of the features I want to add to the next release to
make Snowflake Pro even more powerful and easy to use.

Randy Ingermanson


  1. This looks fantastic - I've been stressing over creating my synopsis - I wish I had this when I began my book!

    Did you take advantage of the 80% discount?

  2. Yes! Altho I haven't opened the program yet--I'm still on deadline so I've been on my Alphasmart writing like crazy!

  3. Hi Camy:
    Thanks for mentioning Snowflake Pro! I've heard from many many users already in the last couple of days, and it's been thrilling to hear all the kudos. This is already getting close to being my most successful product ever, and it's barely been available for four days yet.

  4. I downloaded (apparently successfully, I hope!) and now I need to use it! Looks like an engineer designed it, very logical, orderly, etc. Thanks for sharing the info.


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