Conflict In Every Line

I'm at Seekerville talking about adding conflict in every line.

Camy here! I wanted to talk about conflict today, because we all could use more conflict in our lives, right? Especially now that it’s December and Christmas is around the corner?

(Breathe ... breathe ... I’m just kidding! I mean, I’m kidding about us needing more conflict in our lives, not about Christmas being around the corner. And if you’ve still got your head stuck in the sand of denial about Christmas—you have only nine days left, sugar. Get cracking.)

Anyway, one of the best things I picked up from a Donald Maass seminar was his injunction to add tension to every sentence on the page.

Chime in and add your own before and after writing!


  1. This was helpful. Thanks. I liked the changes and the action words. I also liked how you wrote to your personality. Love that in writers.
    ~ Wendy

  2. Thanks Wendy! I'm glad that was helpful for you! Now you need to do it for your own writing in your own personality!

  3. Wow, yes indeed it really works... Thanks for the tip...


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