How my online classes work

After I posted about my Synopsis writing class, I got a few questions about how my online class works. The below is for my Synopsis class, and for my other online classes, the format is essentially the same although I might post lessons a different number of days per week depending on the class.

The class is entirely on my StorySenseiClass YahooGroups email loop. I email the lessons to the YahooGroup, and you have 1-3 days to do the homework in the lessons.

You can turn in the lessons at any time during the class and I'll still give feedback on it, so no penalty for late homework! :)

There is no set time the class meets--you work entirely on your own time, at your own pace during the time period of the class.

The only thing is that once the class ends, I won't be able to give feedback on any homework since all the YahooGroup members are purged from the group to make way for the next class.

I always try to give targeted, comprehensive feedback on your homework to help you write your synopsis. Some of my class members have taken this class more than once because I help them write a synopsis for each new story they write.

If this sounds like something you'd like to do, let me know (storysensei {at} gmail {dot] com) and I'll email you a PayPal invoice. If you want to pay by check or money order, you can do that too, just let me know. After I receive payment, I'll send you an email invite to the StorySenseiClass YahooGroup so you can participate! I also have all the lessons saved as .pdf files in the File section of the YahooGroup in case you wanted to download them there.

You may need a Yahoo Profile to join the YahooGroup, but you don't need to use a Yahoo email address--you can use your regular email address with the Yahoo Profile you create.

Thanks! I hope you'll take my classes!