Camy's Writing Diary

I was re-reading Write Better, Faster: How To Triple Your Writing Speed and Write More Every Day, and I realized that while I’ve tried the other techniques in the book, I never actually did a writer’s diary. She gives good reasons why it’s important, but I just never got around to doing it when I was setting up my spreadsheet to track my writing statistics.

I think it will be good to do this diary because it will be raw data for me—a record of exactly what I did each day for my writing. A review of each day will enable me to record any insights I might discover about my writing habits. With that collection of raw data in my diary, I’ll be able to see larger-scale trends in my writer’s process so that I can adjust and correct as needed, and hopefully improve my productivity.

But I thought that my normal Story Sensei blog readers might be annoyed at daily entries with minute detail of my day, so I repurposed one other Blogger blog I had lying around and made it Camy’s Writing Diary Blog. I’ll be posting hopefully every day.

I’m not entirely sure how this is going to turn out, if I’ll be able to keep up with blogging everyday or not, if the experiment will even work to help me with my productivity. But lately, I’ve been fascinated with reading about other authors’ writing processes. Write Better, Faster has her own writing diary on her writing process, and I’m also reading Fiction Unboxed: Publishing and Writing a Novel in 30 Days, From Scratch, In Front of the World, which details the authors’ writing process in the creation of a book.

So anyway, check out my new writing diary if you think you might be interested in my writing process. This diary will probably be more useful for me than for anyone else, but it’s always fun to see how several different writers go about their writing process, and I’ll just add my input to the pile.