Picking an agent #4—location?

Some authors insist that agents reside in New York so they have more opportunities for face-to-face time with editors in New York. I can see the logic of that.

So what about if your agent lives in California? Or Colorado?

It depends on which publishers you are targeting.

Let me say that again: It depends on which publishers you are targeting.

Not all publishers are in New York. This is especially true for CBA publishers. If you are targeting Bethany House, they’re in Minnesota. If you’re targeting FaithWords, they’re in Tennessee. If you’re targeting Zondervan, they’re in Michigan.

My agent lives in California, which is terrific because I can meet with her every so often. She flies to visit publishing houses every year, and she has connections with all of them that she encourages by attending various conferences.

She is the primary reason Zondervan bought my chick-lit series, because of her connection with the Zondervan editor.

So . . . New York? In my opinion, not necessarily. However, it is up to you.


  1. Camy, it never occurred to me that I didn't know who your agent was. The only "she's" I know in Calif are Janet and Jeana. One of these?

  2. You know, this makes sense if I'm targeting CBA. I just never thought of it this way.

    Also, I never officially gave you a congrats on your contract. Any contract is great news!

    Also, also, the more I look at your site, the more I learn about how to maneuver through all these web 2.0 sites. You really know your stuff. Thanks for being so transparent.

  3. You're welcome, Mark.

    Rachelle, my agent is Wendy Lawton from Books and Such Literary Agency.



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