Building a blog, part 7

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Blog Content, continued

Focus on your blog readers.

Your blog might be about you, but to build a blog readership, you have to think about what you can give to your blog readers.

People visit a blog because of what they get out of it. What do people get out of your blog?

Hopefully you’re entertaining. Get some feedback.

Figure out which are your most popular posts—and why they’re popular. Can you write more like them?

What are your more unpopular posts? Why were they unpopular?

Are your blog posts all about you, or do you have things that might be interesting or informative to your readers? Remember to post things that your readers would want to read.

Are your blog posts mostly information with very little about yourself? Add some personality to your blog posts.

Building a blog readership will take time.

Don’t be discouraged and don’t have expectations too high for your blog traffic. All blogs take time to build.

Just keep blogging consistently, and also do a few things to help yourself get noticed:

(a) Participate in Blog Carnivals and Memes (you can do a Google search to find some)
(b) Comment on other blogs.
(c) Comment on email loops and forum boards with your blog in the signature line
(d) Comment in groups and forums with people who might enjoy your blog themes

However, DON’T BE AN AD FOR YOUR BLOG. It’s discourteous and slimy.

Here’s examples of what NOT to do:

“That’s interesting you mentioned putting down your dog, Lois. By the way, I talk about the pink bow I put on my dog the other day on my blog:”

“That sounds like a great online writing class. By the way, I talk about my latest poem, which I wrote during my last poetry writing online class, on my blog:”

Post on blogs, email loops, and forum boards as yourself and people will find your blog because they like you.

Go forth and blog!

Just do it. Don’t wait for the planets to be aligned or for your web designer to free up or for your family to finally leave you alone. Just blog.

You’ll make mistakes—who cares? The world isn’t going to end if your blog isn’t perfect.

Just do it—and enjoy it.


  1. Thank you for the terrific advice about blogging, Camy. I started blogging this summer and stuck with my goal of posting once a week. I'm excited to take your advice about blogging more often. As of January 1st, I'm posting three days a week.
    Thanks for putting the idea into my head and for this informative blog!
    Jill Kemerer

  2. Thanks, Camy! Great advice, as usual!

    I try to be funny. Most of my posts aren't about me, per se, and if it is about me I try to tell a funny story.

    And people have said "I like your blog. It's a fun place to be."
    So I guess I've accomplished my goal. :)

  3. Thanks, guys! Glad it's been helpful.

  4. Thank you so much for all this great advice! I'm ready to "go forth and blog." :o)


  5. Great blog series, Camy. Most helpful.

  6. Thank you, Camy for your great advisc. As I re-format my own blog in the near future, your tips will come in handy. Blessings and Merry Christmas!


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