The Career Novelist by Donald Maass

You can download the ebook FREE from Donald Maass's website:

The Career Novelist

“Packed full of fine analysis, solid advice, and thoughtful reflection on the state of contemporary publishing. It’s further distinguished by more common sense than any book of its type that I have ever read. A treasure.” — Dean Koontz, author of Intensity

“ indispensable volume for all libraries, and for anyone interested in learning about the world of publishing...” — Ed Gorman, Mystery Scene


  1. Thanks, Camy, for posting this info! As a very new writer, this type of info is fantastic (as with all of your advice and mentoring!) Blessings and Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks, I'm looking at this as one of my Christmas gifts. 200 plus pages of insight from Donald Maas for free. Thanks for posting it.


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