Fiction After 50 seminars

Here's a note from author Ron Benrey:

Janet and I are launching “Fiction After 50” seminars to help
late-blooming novelists write publishable fiction and market their
manuscripts to real publishers.

The first Fiction After 50 seminar is scheduled in Dallas, on July
17-19; the next is in Orlando, on October 2-4.

Each seminar is an intensive program -- 2.5 full days of classes,
workshops, and guided small-group brainstorming sessions filled with
practical exercises -- that will help unpublished novelists refine their
novels-in-progress (or their ideas for the novels they want to write)
and increase the likelihood that they'll sell to royalty-paying
publishers. We’ll also teach many “hurry-up” strategies that can
accelerate the process of finishing and marketing a manuscript.

For more information visit:

Incidentally, our Fiction After 50 seminars will be "managed" by Free
Expressions Seminars and Literary Services, the same group the does the
excellent Don Maass "Breakout Novel" seminars that many Chilibeans have