Story Sensei now offering phone consultations/mentoring

Hi guys!

I now offer telephone consultations or mentoring. Cost is $75 per hour, and I will be able to mail you a CD with an MP3 recording of our call.

I offer consultations/mentoring on a variety of topics, from writing craft to marketing and writing business. I can do brainstorming, advice/mentoring on agent and editor research, tips on marketing, pretty much any kind of question you might have.

Clients are welcome to "try me out" with a 20-minute call at a cost of $25. Finding the "right" mentor for you is like finding the "right" spouse--it takes time, trial and error.

Clients must prepay for their mentoring calls, and all calls are charged in increments of 20 minutes. For example, if your call only lasts 15 minutes, you will be charged $25.

See my info page for payment options.