Writer Beware website and blog

This is a great website uncovering various agent scams and unscrupulous practices among agents.


There's also a highly informative blog.



  1. Wow. I had no idea. Absolute Write always looked a little tacky in its layout, I guess.

    And I've worked with some of the people who publish articles there. I wonder if they know how the publishing community views that site...

  2. Hi Mark,

    I think you're mistaken. Absolute Write is legit. The woman who wrote that "anonymous" letter (10/30/06 post) is a scammer trying to discredit Absolute Write and other places like Writer Beware who expose scammers.


  3. Well, I'm relieved. I wish I could remember which comment specifically caused me to think Strauss was criticizing Absolute Write. Strauss' new post defends them more clearly.

    What a strange underworld you've led me to, Camy! Thanks. I think.

    Also, they should still work on their layout. : )


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