Marketing for writers—the Mad Genius Writer e-zine

I just got this e-mail from Randy Ingermanson, who publishes the Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine:

Hi all,

For nearly two years, the most popular feature in my Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine has been my monthly column on marketing.

Some of my readers don't even write fiction! Some of you read this e-zine only for the marketing information.

I'm delighted to tell you that I'm launching a new free e-zine dedicated to teaching advanced internet
marketing methods to writers of all stripes, whether you write fiction or nonfiction, whether you have been published or not, whether you are techie or not.

The new e-zine will be called THE MAD GENIUS WRITER. (My friends came up with this name, and I defer to their near-unanimous opinion, the wretches.)

THE MAD GENIUS WRITER is for writers ONLY! (And your editors, agents, publicists, and publishers.) I do NOT want anyone else reading it.

I hope to unleash your inner "mad genius" to help you market your work as effectively as possible.

The first issue of THE MAD GENIUS WRITER will come out in less than 6 days, on Tuesday night, January 9. The regular schedule for each issue will be the second Tuesday of the month.

Each issue will have one article on Strategic Marketing and one article on Tactical Marketing.

* Strategic Marketing involves long-term planning.
* Tactical Marketing is something you can do right now.

For more info about THE MAD GENIUS WRITER, please visit my new site at:

Check out the free "Mad Genius Manifesto" on my web site and find out why I believe that all writers
everywhere should! (Rich in proportion to how well they write.)

Am I full of bull, or am I on to something Xtremely cool? Read the "Mad Genius Manifesto" and then decide!

Best regards,
Randy Ingermanson, Ph.D.

Camy here: If you haven't been getting the Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine, you've been missing out on great writing craft tips and marketing info. Now it seems the marketing info will be put in his Mad Genius Writer E-zine instead. I highly recommend Randy's e-zines--very informative, entertaining, and practical.