Take care of your body

As a writer, you need to take care of your body. If you are in good health, your blood is feeding your brain so it buzzes faster and the writing comes easier.

I know it’s hard when you’ve been chasing kids all day and/or working a full-time job, but a few minutes and a couple small changes can make all the difference between blazing creativity or writer’s block.

Take a ten minute stretch or walking break every hour. This can not only help a bad back, it will get your heart pumping lightly to send more oxygen to your brain cells. Another option is to stand as you work, whether with your laptop on a shelf or elevating your monitor and keyboard so you can stand at your desk.

Drink lots of water. Keep a water bottle by your writing area so you can remember to drink enough. If you’re hydrated properly, your brain works more efficiently and fuels your creativity.

See? Just a few small changes can help your writing tenfold!


  1. Hey, I thought chasing kids WAS exercise. I suppose you're right, and after winter ends it'll be time to start walking again.

    Good reminders!

    BTW, isn't there a study saying that Diet Coke and coffee provide the same hydrating effects as water?


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