Set writing goals

If you have something you’re aiming for, then it can motivate you to be efficient and productive.

I’m not talking about goals like “get an agent” or “get a publishing contract” which are not things you can control. I’m talking about concrete goals for you to achieve.

Things like “finish my manuscript this year” or “research and query ten agents.”

Set deadlines, if you can: “finish my manuscript by December 30th, 2007” or “research and query ten agents by January 31st, 2007.”

If writing is something important to you, then spur yourself on in your writing career. Set goals and work toward them.

This is kind of funny, but this type of setting goals is just like giving your characters external goals. The goals are concrete, with a deadline, and not something dependent on things out of the character’s control.


  1. I need to finish my WIP. Thanks for a good reminder, Camy.


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